Exo Plush Toys

Kawaii Exo Plush Toys featuring Luhan (ex member), Baekhyun, Suho, Chen, Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai, DO and Xiumin. Very […]

Jumbo Cinnamon Plushy Pillow

  Jumbo cinnamon plushy pillow big enough for plenty of hugs and love. It’s made by a very […]

Rainbow Unicorn Pusheen Plush

Rainbow unicorn Pusheen plush found on the amazing fairy world of…. Pusheenland! The texture of this magic Pusheen […]

Rainbow Unicorn Plush Toy

Get this unique rainbow unicorn plush on Aliexpress for a very good price. Aliexpress is the cheapest online […]

Cute Pikachu Plush

Look at this super cute Pikachu plush. So kawaii ! Give your room an extra special kawaii look […]

Kawaii Mamegoma Plush

This is a super kawaii Mamegoma plush found online. His size is about 13′ and it’s very soft […]

Luminous Star Pillow

Cute little luminous star pillow available in 5 lovely colors: blue, yellow, pink, white and purple. They’re made […]

Pusheen Surprise Box

If you are a Pusheen fan like we are then you need to get this surprise box with […]

Kawaii FNAF Plushies

Look at those 5 nights at Freddy’s plushies ! So kawaii! They’re soft, small and so adorable. Very […]

Bread Plush Pillow

You won’t be disappointed with this bread plush pillow. You can totally make it your best friend and […]

Rice Ball Plushies

Rice ball plushies available in 3 cute faces. Those are by far the cutest Japanese rice ball plushies […]

Sleeping Pikachu

I’ll be honest with you. I kinda screamed when I saw this pikachu sleeping plush. The cuteness was […]

Kawaii Potato Plush

  Kawaii potato plush pillow available in 3 lovely colors: light brown, pink and white. Suitable for a […]

Japan Lolita Plush Hamster

  This Japan Lolita hamster is a must for kawaii lovers. Available in two colors: brown and beige. […]

Panda Plush

Decorate your whole room with super cute, kawaii plush toys and create your own kawaii world. This panda […]

Crab Sushi

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you the most cute crab sushi ever. Hug it at nigh […]