Strawberry Milk Carton Pillowcase

Strawberry milk carton pillowcase double sided printed therefore you don’t need to worry if the kawaii design is […]

DIY Panda Wall Decal

  Kawaii DIY panda wall decal for the amazing price of 4.39$. It comes in different pieces so […]

Scented Cookie Pillow

  It’s the revolution of the pillow guys! Who would thought that a scented cookie pillow could exist? […]

Hello Kitty 2017 Calendar

  Hello Kitty 2017 calendar full with kawaii images. Every month has a different image staring the life […]

Soft Pucca Pillow

  Pucca has been on the kawaii world for so long now. No one can resist her super […]

Smiley Face Cloud Cushion

  Cute smiley face cloud cushion to decorate your bed or even your couch. How cute is that?! […]