Hello Kitty Crepe Squishy

Rare Hello Kitty crepe squishy available on ebay. Very sweet and super cute. This squishy is slow rising […]

Onion Rabbit Squishy

Adorable slow rising onion rabbit squishy found on the internet ready to get into your hands. But it […]

Kawaii Baby Dolphin Squishy

  Kawaii baby dolphin squishy that makes people’s heart melt. The sweetest little thing on ebay. It comes […]

NEW Squishy Coffee Cup

  Don’t let this image twist you: this is a real squishy and not a coffee cup. Never […]

Hello Kitty Biscuit Squishy

Authentic Hello Kitty biscuit squishy filled with delicious cream. Please do not eat it ! It may look […]

Jumbo Ice Cream Squishies

  Kawaii jumbo ice cream squishies send randomly for the price of 1.93$. Very affordable and very cute. […]

Kitty In A Mug Squishy

  Kitty in a mug squishy available for the amazing price of 3.79$. As you can see from […]

Rainbow Cake Squishy

  Beautiful slow rising rainbow cake squishy coming with a surprise: it’s scented. Every time you squeeze it […]

Jumbo Panda Squishy

  Jumbo panda squishy for 1.82$ only. So kawaii and affordable! This cuteness is 10 cm approximately and […]

Jumbo Blueberry Rainbow Squishy

  Jumbo Blueberry Rainbow Squishy finally found. This squishy is very rare and therefore very hard to find. […]

Kawaii Cat Pendant

  Kawaii cat pendant on ebay for less than 5$. An amazing necklace for an amazing price. It can […]

Minnie Mouse Cream Puff

  Delicious and kawaii Minnie Mouse Cream Puff that comes with a key string. As the seller states ”Looks […]

Strawberry Milk Carton Pillowcase

Strawberry milk carton pillowcase double sided printed therefore you don’t need to worry if the kawaii design is […]

Hello Kitty Latte

Hello Kitty latte squishy available on ebay. So kawaii it can be an amazing collectible item. This is […]

Exo Plush Toys

Kawaii Exo Plush Toys featuring Luhan (ex member), Baekhyun, Suho, Chen, Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai, DO and Xiumin. Very […]

DIY Panda Wall Decal

  Kawaii DIY panda wall decal for the amazing price of 4.39$. It comes in different pieces so […]

I Love Toast TShirt

  Kawaii I Love Toast TShirt found on ebay 100% cotton. Very original and very kawaii. If you’re worried […]